Heartbroken <3

I was looking at the recent posts of OKOTO ENIGM and I remembered my crush. He was actually someone that, maybe for loads of people was ugly, but for me he was absolutely perfect. We will call him SUPERBOY ❤

Firstly, I didn’t realise I actually liked him , but eventually, I would get to understand this wieird feeling. I talked to him until the PoP came. She was perfect, and made me become shy to SUPERBOY. And, I absolutely regret this, because, at least, I could have talked to him.

This still makes me become a little weird, but I allready overgrown this situation. Now he hates me (kind of) but, that was all because of my decisions, and those were wrong. Now, I wish I could go back on time but…

It’s called consequences 😦

Anime Op!

I highly reccommmend you these OP! They are amazing, so I feel I have to share them with you~~~<3 Op are the song that start an anime, so they ere important. Have you ever hear a song that makes you enter in world? Well, that’s an OP!

Ambiguous-KILL LA KILL : This fantastic rocky opening by GARNiDELia is amazing! Spine chilling in the best of the ways!

Kurutte hey kids! An alternative  Op, different from the others and really distinctive! ❤

These two are rocky and really cool. Perfect for the theme of their anime!


Those are only examples! Send your fav ❤ anime op, and I will do a list with them


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I love ladubug ❤ and I hope you too! It is amazing, and I really like it! I have been doing some reseach, and in the new season there will be new people with miraculous;

Chloe- Queen Bee, with a peg-top, used as a weapon! She has to get something of attention and NEEDS a second opportunity!

Alya- I hate this. She is going to be volpina, and she doesn’t suit in that combo. How can that be like this?! Huh, that is weird, now who will have the mystery of finding out who is ladybug!

Image result for queen bee, ladybug, volpina, chat noir

All the miraculous chracters of ladybug

They also say nino or nathalie, will have the peacok’s miraculous, and that there will be a new villain…

The collector


Halloween is going to be amazing! I will dress up as…

Have you even practiced the makeup! ?



Just a tip-this actually happened to me!


Not always

I was recently not posting anything these days, and I just wanted to tell you I won’t blog everyday!!

Just that for now.

But I will now have a new topic about anime!

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Chain messages


Chain messages are these weird and bizarre messages that the send you on whatsapp. The are strange, annoying and sometimes depressing, how can they know that your mum will die tomorrow?

Even if it’s not true, that is bizarre! Why do they  have tos end that just to keep an urban leyend flowing around internet?

So, I do think that you must change it, so that people recieve nice messages^^ ❤

Try to keep it simple and, make others happy and nice, this way you will also be popular!

Talk about your experience with chain messages below!

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